CALTRATE 600 Plus [2x100s]

CALTRATE 600 Plus [2x100s]


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Caltrate 600 Plus 2 x 100’s text subtitle 40 small : Now with DOUBLE the vitamin D position: relative 0.75emb – : 3 : , plus magnesium and four small : other essential minerals. * text 40 small : 1200 mg of calcium, 400 IU of vitamin D position: relative 0.75emb – : 3 : , 100 mg of magnesium small : plus four other bone fortifying minerals important for healthy bone small : formation in just two tablets a day.* Caltrate provides the total small : recommended daily amount of calcium, and now with  : weight: DOUBLE small : weight: : the vitamin D position: relative 0.75emb – : 3 :  to help maximize calcium absorption.*   ucProductDetailDL_smSubHeader ctl00_mpCaltrateContentContainer_PDDL1_dvProductInformation small Product Information ctl00_mpCaltrateContentContainer_PDDL1_dvContentMain small Magnesium – helps maintain strong bones* Zinc, copper and manganese – helps skeletal development* Boron – helps the body utilize calcium* ucProductDetailDL_smSubHeader ctl00_mpCaltrateContentContainer_PDDL1_dvSuggestedUse small Suggested use ctl00_mpCaltrateContentContainer_PDDL1_dvContentUse small Take one tablet twice daily with food or as directed by your physician. Not formulated for use in children


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