BerryBright Original 10g x 30’s

BerryBright Original 10g x 30’s


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Nourishments For Your Eyes
Berry Bright is a natural whole food eye supplement that is formulated to help you to easily replanish the vital nutrients that are essential to proetct and maintain healthy eyes and vision.

Improves eye and vision health
BerryBright contains natura whole food ingredients that are rich in eye nourishing nutrients and beneficial to maintain a healthy vision.

High in Antioxidants
Protects Against Harmful Blue Light

Improves Blood Circulation

All Natural Eye Nourishing Ingredients

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins
Relieves eye fatigue,Reduces dark circles
Stimulates regeneration of rhodopsin(eye cell) to improve vision.
Eyebright Extract

Traditionally used as treatment for various eye diseases,aids in relieving eye dryness,irritation and fatigue.Vitamin C

Water-soluble antioxidants
Protect your eyes from free radical damage
Increase eye vascularity elasticity
Bilberry Extract

Rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids,which are powerful antioxidants
Traditionally used in relief eye strain

100% natural
Zero calorie sweetener
for BerryBright with Stevia only.
Marigold Extract
Rich source of naturak beta-carotene,lutein and zeaxanthin
Protects macula against harmful blue light

Recommended for

contact lens users
dry/fatique eyes
prolonged exposure to electronic devices
long hours driving
long hours reading
poor eyesight
poor night vision
for all age groups
Clinically Proven Benefits of Blackcurrant Anthocyanins

1.Better fatigue relief in the eyes and upper body.

21 subjects were given 59mg of Blackcurrant anthocyanins and placebos and fatigus levels were assessed after two hours of continuousomputer usage.

2.Better Blood Circulation
Improved bloos vessels permeability around the retina,toxin elimination and reduction in dark circles formation.

Usage:1-2 sachets per day.before food.serious eye conditions can take 2-4 per day or as advised by health health professional.

NO artificial sweeteners,NO artificial preservative and colouring,100% vegan,high in vitamin C, HALAL


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