BIO-LIFE A.B Gold Pre & Pro Probiotics [2x30s]

BIO-LIFE A.B Gold Pre & Pro Probiotics [2x30s]


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BiO-LiFE A.B. Adult Gold Pre & Pro is a food supplement containing both prebiotics and probiotics especially for senior citizens. It contains 4 clinically studied ingredients namely chicory inulin (prebiotic), oligofructose (prebiotic), Lactobacillus plantarum LP-01 (probiotic) and Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 (probiotic). The combination of both prebiotic and probiotic, termed synbiotic carry many beneficial effects on the human body which includes the enhancement of immune system as well as vitamins and minerals absorption particularly calcium, boosting bone health.

A.B. Adult Gold Pre & Pro is highly recommended for:
Senior citizens with weak health
Senior citizens experiencing poor nutrient absorption

Take 1 sachet daily, hour before meal. Mix the contents of the sachet with any cold beverage or water. Do not exceed 5 sachets a day.


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