CPLUS Marine Coral Calcium Plus Softgel [30s]

CPLUS Marine Coral Calcium Plus Softgel [30s]


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Size (length*width*height): 6cm x 6cm x 11cm

CPLUS MARINE CORAL CALCIUM PLUS consists of 100% natural ingredients and is extracted from the coral found at the seabed of Okinawa islands. After treatment, these marine coral which contain more than 70 types of natural minerals and trace elements will be manufactured as ionized coral calcium softgels, which completely preserve the original ionized coral calciums naturalness, easy absorption and mineral balance. On top of that, Vitamin D and magnesium helps in calcium absorption are also added to increase the value of the product.



100% pure natural ingredients

The ratio of calcium and magnesium in the ionized coral calcium is 2:1, it is designed to meet the balance nutrition in human body

A natural alkaline food

Raw materials of marine coral calcium are obtained from Japans Okinawa Islands seabed coral, it is currently the latest and most popular calcium supplements in the United States and Europe.

Ionized organic characteristics found in ionized coral calcium have become the most easily absorbed mineral.

Especially fortified with vitamin D and magnesium, to further help in the absorption of calcium.

In addition to calcium supplement, ionized coral calcium also replenishes our body with 70 types of natural mineral and trace elements.

Free of sugar, starch, artificial flavours, preservatives, sodium, wheat, gluten, corn and dairy products


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