SALUS Salucard [250ml]

SALUS Salucard [250ml]


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SALUCARDis a pleasant tasting liquid supplement that provides hawthorn berries, pomegranate, magnesium and vitamin E.



  1. Hawthorn berries, pomegranate, magnesium and vitamin E which all help maintain a healthy heart.
  2. It is a liquid supplement. In other words, all the nutrients are already dissolved. You’re assured of getting maximum absorption of the nutrients. Very little wasted.
  3. It has a very pleasant fruity taste, which only sweetened by fructose naturally contained in the fruit concentrates. Absolutely no crystal sugar is added.
  4. It is free from chemical preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  5. It is GMO free, alcohol free and free from gluten, wheat, diary, yeast and lactose.
  6. It is the most natural supplement to support your heart and circulation

Ingredients:Hawthorn berry pulp, water, magnesium gluconate, grape concentrate, carob extract, apricot concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, mango concentrate, apple juice concentrate, magnesium hydrogen citrate, natural flavor, coloring vegetable extract (from blueberry extract and carrot extract), lemon juice concentrate, red grape skin extract, vitamin E.


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