VICKS VAPORUB 10g / 25g / 50g

VICKS VAPORUB 10g / 25g / 50g


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Function: cold

Vicks Vaporub 10g , 25g, 50g,
Is a Medicine which provides symptomatic relief from blocked nose, cough and muscular aches and pain due to colds.
– For the temporary relief of colds, stuffy nose and Symptoms due to cold.
– For Nasal Congestion and Coughs.
– Use on chest and throat, temporarily relieves cough due to common cold.
– Have eucalyptus oil and camphor.

How to use
– Vapour Action
Applied on the part below your nose, the oitment released vapor and inhael through your nose.
– Warming Action
Applied on any part of your body and back, the special vicks medication helps soothe mascular aches and pains due to colds.


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