Lipitor 20mg Tablet

Lipitor 20mg Tablet


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This medicine is for oral use only. Swallow this medication as a whole with water. Do not chew, crush or break it. It is better to take this medication at a fixed time each day if it is indicated for everyday use.

—Precautionary Steps of Lipitor 20mg Tablet—

Before starting Lipitor, please consult a doctor especially if you are having any of the listed problems. Contraindications:
·         Active liver diseases
·         Raised hepatic enzymes
·         Allergy to Lipitor or any of its contents.
·         It is not advisable for children and babies. Please keep it away from their reach
·         Hypersensitivity
Drug interactions with Lipitor:
Interactions may differ individually. You are encouraged to ask your doctor about any possible interactions of this drug.
·         Cyclosporine
·         Fibric acid derivatives
·         Erythromycin
·         Niacin
·         Diltiazem
·         Digoxin
·         Colestipol
·         Colchicine
·         Fibrates
This list may be incomplete. Please mention all the drugs you are taking to the doctor before starting a new one. Please be alert of the following situations as well:
·         Avoid excessive exposure to sun
·         Avoid using it for a long term
·         Alcohol may affect the effectiveness of this drug
Inform the doctor if you have other diseases. Do not stop taking the drug which has been prescribed by doctor.
Alcohol Warning( Not Advisable )
It is unsafe to consume alcohol with Lipitor 20mg Tablet. You may experience headache, dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea. Please consult your doctor for more details.


Pregnancy Warning (Not Safe – High Risk)
Lipitor 20mg Tablet is unsafe to use during pregnancy. Human and animal studies have shown positive evidence of fetal risk. The risk of using Lipitor 20mg Tablet in pregnant women outweigh potential benefits.


Breastfeeding Warning ( Not Advisable )
Lipitor 20mg Tablet is unsafe to use during lactation. Lipitor 20mg Tablet has relatively high molecular weight and suggesting that it is not excreted in the milk, but some excretion would be expected. Thus, women prescribed with Lipitor 20mg Tablet should not breastfeed due to potential adverse reactions of Lipitor 20mg Tablet in a nursing infant.


Driving Warning ( Generally Safe )
Lipitor 20mg Tablet usually does not affect the ability to drive. Do not drive unless you are feeling well.


Kidney Warning ( Use With Care )
Lipitor 20mg Tablet should be used with caution in patients with severe kidney disease. Lipitor 20mg Tablet is mainly excreted via urine and it also can increase the serum creatinine levels. Dose adjustment of Lipitor 20mg Tablet may be needed. Please consult your doctor.


Liver Warning ( Use With Care )
Lipitor 20mg Tablet is unlikely to be used in patients with liver disease. The use of Lipitor 20mg Tablet in patients with active liver disease is contraindicated. Please consult your doctor for more details.


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