DuraSafe Incentive Spirometer

DuraSafe Incentive Spirometer


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Three Ball Spirometer Lung Exerciser Healthy 3 Ball Deep Breathing Device


  • Capacity : 600ml-900ml-1200ml/sec
  • Wide flow rate from 600-1200cc/sec
  • Minimum flow imprinted on each chamber
  • Compact design and break-resistant plastic
  • Color coded balls for easy visual inspection
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Latex free


  • Restores and maintains lung capacity in post operative patients by slow, synchronized deep breathing.
  • Allows visual calibration and estimation of the patients progress.
  • Strengthens primary and accessory respiratory muscles and conditions them.
  • Enhances endurance of both inspiratory and expiratory muscles.
  • Improves respiratory parameters.
  • Improves maximal exercise capacity.
  • Improves cardio-pulmonary status of the patient, ennhancing the overall fitness and wellbeing.


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