Dynamic Nutrition VesPRO NitroVar 20s x 5g

Dynamic Nutrition VesPRO NitroVar 20s x 5g


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NitroVar is a Macrobiotic Raw Food in powder form that encourages healthy cellular growth and cell division. It is made of young broccoli sprouts, young asparagus sprouts, cloves, grape skin, blackberries seeds, pear seeds, plum seeds and prune seeds. All ingredients are grown and harvested in the USA.


  • Scientifically Engineered Raw Food
  • Prevents Abnormal Cell Proliferation
  • Supports Healthy Cell Growth & Division
  • Progressive Immune Management
  • Deep Phrase 1 & 2 Cellular Rejuvenation
  • No added preservatives & additives

NitroVar is a natural wholesome food product concentrate. Therefore slight variation in color, taste and texture might occur from batch to batch.


Cell Wall Membrane Breaking Technology: Breaks down and kills all bacteria using harmless ultrasonic radio waves & ultrasonic radiowave & ultraviolet light during processing. Therefore, no preservatives are required

Contains naturally occuring sugar only

NitroVar has less than 0.1g of naturally occurring sugar per serving from natural ingredients like grapes, pear, plums and prune seeds. Natural lemon flavoring is used to give a pleasant taste. May be mixed with other antioxidants / Enzymes / fruit juices.


  • Recommended for cancer patients:
    1 sachet (5 grams). 3 times a day During active stage
    1 sachet (5 grams). 2 times a day Maintenance
  • Sinus: 2-3 days on high dose
  • Eczema: 7-10 days on high dose
  • Lupus : 3-4 weeks on high dose
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis : 3-4 weeks on high dose
  • Psoriasis : 6-8 weeks on high dose

Suitable For:

  • Children above 12 years old
  • Long term daily consumption for all cancer patients may be used during chemotherapy, radiation treatment
  • Immune disorder patients Sinus, Eczema, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis
  • Ageing Related Degenerative diseases patients



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